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August 9, 2015 — 0

One of the most rewarding events I've ever had the pleasure of participating in was Canmore's TedX. Going through my archives, I felt this was worthwhile to repost. Enjoy!


“In this experiential talk, we will dive into how our thoughts become reality. However — there is a way to heighten the power of our thoughts — via the gateway of our imaginations and our body’s awareness. Through our brief time together, we will see the immense value in honouring our physicality, our emotions and feelings and come from this expanded place to see how we can shape our lives.”

I remember being terrified for this presentation. I’ve logged thousands of hours speaking in front of people, but typically, they’re upside down, butt in the air, and looking the other way. It was a new ball game to be up on stage with all eyes on me, the whole time. Fortunately, Wade Graham who hosted the event generously coached me prior.

Also – Canmore TedX returns for 2015. Keep an eye out for event details!

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