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The Modern Teacher: 300 Hr Advanced Training with Brea Johnson and Lydia Zamorano


Join us in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Canmore, AB for an in-depth training. Organized in 3 separate modules of 100 hours. The first module will be one weekend a month from October 2015- February 2016. Yoga is a living tradition, and must continually evolve to reflect the world we live in. The modern teacher is one that can skillfully blend time-honoured practices of yoga with contemporary movement and evidence-based techniques. This innovative program is rooted in yoga’s ancient wisdom and bridges understanding of the human body with empowering practices to create deep healing on all levels: both in your own life and for your students. As the popularity of yoga blossoms, we are at a critical juncture: where highly trained, adaptable and innovative teachers will make the most meaningful differences in our world. These three modules will provide you the confidence, clarity and know-how to carve your own niche and work effectively both in private practice and group setting. Come journey with us to the front-line of modern yoga in beautiful Canmore, Alberta!

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Module 1 Dates:

Oct 16-18,    2015
Nov 14-15,   2015
Dec 5-6,      2015
Jan 16-17,    2016
Feb 5-7,       2016

Module 2 Dates:

Mar 4-6,     2016
Apr 9-10,    2016
May 7-8,    2016
Jun 4-5,      2016
Jul 8-10,     2016

Module 3 Dates:

Sep 9-11,    2016
Oct 1-2,      2016
Nov 5-6,    2016
Dec 3-4,     2016
Jan 13-15,   2017

$1500 + GST per module


What is it to be a Modern Yogi? How do we teach from a place of grounded wisdom and intelligence; balancing ancient tradition and current scientific understanding? In all three modules these questions will be at the heart of the training.

Module One lays the foundations that we will build on and expand throughout the course of the training.

Key Concepts:

1. The Modern teacher teaches from a place of personal explorations and experience. Each day you get to play in a led practice with Jeff, Lydia or Brea, creating time and space to move freely and integrate the theory and study from the curriculum. For two hours each day you will connect to the joy of movement and the support of community practice. This is then balanced with an hour of contemplative practices toalm and balance the nervous system and restore vital energy.

2. To be fully relevant, The Modern teacher understands the basics of human movement and can apply that to a wide variety of people. The most effective way to learn about the human body is to experience it from within. Hands on, movement based learning will anchor anatomical knowledge for a lifetime.

3. No matter the style of yoga or class you teach, understanding sequencing to create an overall sense of unity, support and safety is essential. The Modern Teacher has the range to safely and intelligently teach a flow style class as well as deeply support the nervous system and their students wellbeing in a restorative class. Learn how to use props creatively and effectively. Understand how to support a young, flexible body for longevity along with appropriate modifications for injuries and an aging population. The philosophy of “Vinyasa Krama” will be explored in creating classes with mindfulness with counter poses and peak asanas.

4. The Modern Teacher knows that an authentic and integrated yoga practice of yoga transcends the mat and becomes your everyday life experience. Self study is the cornerstone to an evolving and nurturing practice. How do you relate and respond to others in your life and to yourself? Are the choices you make in line with your beliefs? Curiosity and honest questioning will keep you growing and grounded. We will will explore (and question) classical yogic wisdom and current self growth paradigms to hone your intuition, understanding of self, and connect to your world view. We will also weave yogic cleansing practices and perspectives on health and wellness.

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