Our Most Important Decision

September 23, 2015 — 0


Late last night, I saw an article on how the Conservative government plans to sell off all of CBC’s production facilities. In essence, destroying the CBC’s ability to create programming. It’s akin to smashing an artist’s canvasses or snapping a kid’s hockey stick.

Given the track record of what this country has endured under our cruel, myopic manager it doesn’t surprise me.

However – it does galvanize within me the critical state of our most important decision: who to vote for.


Falling Apart – Can You Imagine?

September 3, 2015 — 2


“Oh my…” were the words Hilary gasped, as she glanced at her laptop. Breakfast is a busy time in our house and we were rushing to get the kids to the pool. Something in the back of my mind registered Hil’s next words, “…boy on beach.”, and I knew that eventually I would find out more later today.

Hours later, I check a link from a dear student’s FB feed and as I click, I instantly know that this is what Hil was talking about.